Star Trek XIV: The Search for Subtitles

Apparently, Netflix has decided to let their Nerd Flag fly, or in this case, their Trekie Flag.

In the past if you streamed Star Trek III: The Search for Spock you would have heard English dubbing over the Klingon and Vulcan tongues. But now, Netflix has removed the movie from its streaming service until they can replace the original audio with English subtitles.

That nerd flag I spoke of, well that’s because the subtitles will be of their own creation, not from the original DVDs. The Hollywood Reporter muses, “This either means that (a) the Netflix WI version of The Search for Spock will have the most impressively accurate Klingon and Vulcan subtitles ever or (b) Netflix is a fan of creating unnecessary work for itself.”

If you can speak Klingon or Vulcan, you should probably submit your resume and make sure that’s highlighted.

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