Xbox One Gets A Makeover

Xbox One November UpdateAs I reported a couple days ago, the Xbox One is getting better, and today is the day!

Major Nelson announced on his blog this morning Microsoft has started rolling out the “new Xbox One experience” for members of its preview program (I am a member). Preview members will see a new user interface Microsoft claims is speedier while navigating when playing games or using Xbox One apps.

The current user interface can, at times, be a pain in the ass to navigate when using a controller, but is very smooth when using voice commands with the Kinect. Most notable about the update, other than the new user interface, is the faster load times for games. Other important changes include moving pinned items to the bottom of your screen and the ability to move between them with the controller’s triggers.

I am excited to try out the new interface, but apparently Microsoft has decided preview members who leave the most feedback get their update quicker than other members. Personally, I feel like this sucks. In the 2+ months I have been a preview member, I have not needed to leave any feedback on the forums simply because I have had no issues.

Either way, once I get the update, I will be sure to post my thoughts and let you know if it is truly better.

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