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Since November 10 I have almost exclusively immersed myself in the post-apocalyptic retro-future world of Fallout 4.

I’ve tried to play other games since then: DOOM, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Battlefield Hardline — hell, I even tried playing Goat Simulator (dumb!) and Super Meat Boy (even dumber). But nothing has kept my attention for more than an hour or two.

So honestly I haven’t really expected to be “Wowed” by anything at next week’s E3; unless, of course, Bethesda announces a Quake reboot.

All that changed yesterday when Ubisoft announced the world premiere of Watch Dogs 2 would happen at 9AM PST this morning.

Unlike a lot of gamers, I loved Watch Dogs. The single player story was great, albeit a little shorter than I expect for $90 ($60 for the base game and $30 for the season pass). My only real complaints though were with the driving (craptastic) and the multiplayer.

When n1njr and I first saw Watch Dogs, we were immediately focused (and nerdgasmic) over the idea we would be able to run around hacking other gamers. And then the game came out…what a let down! But, all-in-all, Watch Dogs was awesome and I picked it for my Game of the Year (no, the hemophilia side-story did not bias my choice — not real happy Ubisoft never replied to my email, but…Game of the Year all the way).

Now this morning, the big reveal of Watch Dogs 2 happened. WOW!

This actually looks like the game n1njr and I envisioned back in 2014. Aiden Pearce is gone (or is he?) being replaced by new hacker and member of the hacktivist group Dedsec, Marcus Holloway.

In the reveal trailer, Ubisoft promises us we’ll be able to hack “everything.” Other toys include a quadcopter drone, a remote controlled RC device and 3D-printed guns. Seriously, Watch Dogs 2 looks amazing and Ubisoft’s promise of seamless online multiplayer, if truly realized this time around, is the most exciting aspect of this game.

I realize this was just a reveal trailer, and there wasn’t a lot to really base a solid opinion on, but this…this is my Fallout 4 for 2016.

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