When Fandoms Attack – Why The #NoLaurelNoArrow Movement Is Lame

Fandoms:  From Star Woids (Star Wars) and Trekkies/Trekkers (Star Trek) to Bronies (My Little Pony) and Comic Nerds, fandoms can be brutal; scary at times, to be honest.

This has become more evident to me in the last eight years as super heroes have stepped out of the pages of comic books and made their way to movies and television.

Katie CassidyYes, I know we had superhero movies and TV shows further back than eight years; but let’s be honest, these last few years have brought us GREAT shows. Hey, you at the back of the internet, shut up! We know Fantastic Four sucked!

I’ve always been a Marvel Comics’ fan rather than DC. With minor exceptions, DC has never had characters I’ve given a shit about. Like I said, minor exceptions…Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Harley Quinn; so when Arrow started on The CW, I was excited. And as the seasons have come and gone, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Gotham and Supergirl have added to my growing list of weekly TV shows to watch.

I love comic books and I love TV shows. So it’s not really a huge step to expect me to get invested in these shows. And every week, as each episode ends, Wicked is laughing at me when I complain “WHAT? WHY? I have to wait till next week?!? Why do they do this to me??!?”

And then I get online and see “the stupid.” Yes, dude, at the back of the internet, this probably means you. These are TV shows, they are movies. They are NOT going to be 100% faithful to the comics. GET OVER IT! How fucking lame is your life that you’re going to allow a TV show, especially one based on a DC comic book where time travel, resurrection, and parallel universes are par for the course, to control your life?

CanariesThe Arrow’s writers killed off the Laurel Lance character (Black Canary). BIG DEAL! They killed off the BEAUTIFUL Caity Lotz (the Canary) and yet, guess what? RESURRECTION! Now she’s alive and kicking ass on Legends of Tomorrow.

So all 29,000+ of you who have taken to Twitter with the #NoLaurelNoArrow chant, some of you even trying to turn this into a “strong woman role model on TV” rally cry, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

I am a fan of a lot of things: football, Star Wars, comic books, video games, and music. And while I have my own feelings about the Prequels (George Lucas Can Only Blame Himself), Xbox vs PlayStation and Marvel vs DC, my fandom for these things has never crossed that line of “OMG, I AM GOING TO DIE IF BLAH-BLAH DOESN’T BLAH-BLAH-BLAH.”

When Fandoms AttackAs this society has become more entitled, (maybe it always has been but the internet just makes it more noticeable) I have noticed my fandom has begun to diminish. I still find enjoyment in these things, but I only saw The Force Awakens once. I watched two NFL games last season and I haven’t purchased a comic book in 20 years.

Seriously people, if you can’t just enjoy a movie or TV show (or anything for that matter) without finding a reason to hate on it, the creators, writers, actors and athletes, etc., you need help. Professional help. Please. #FandomGoneWild

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