What Geeky/Nerdy Name Do I Give My New Kitty?

So, I just adopted this beautiful female kitten (she’s about a year-and-a-half) and I’m trying to decide her name. My cats have typically been named with nerd/geek influences.

I have narrowed my list down, but need your help! Below is the “Official Name The Cli3nt’s Cat” poll. Many to choose from, but only one will win! Win? Did somebody say win? What will you win? I don’t know yet, but there WILL be a prize.

Make sure you click the “VOTE” button (right below the last option). It is there, but some browsers are making it white until you hover your mouse over it.

What Geeky/Nerdy Name Do I Give My New Kitty?

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The Cli3nt

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   In my life outside of the Wasteland, yes, I do have one --- wait, that's a lie. I have my Xbox One, Plex media server, high-speed internet, and Dax the Magnificent (my furry four-legged child).

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