The-Cli3ntJay “The Cli3nt” Bishop is a professor of 1337ology. Growing up in the Puget Sound, The Cli3nt became interested in computers and video games in the early days of the Atari 2600. Placing sixth in a Pac-Man tournament, The Cli3nt’s love for gaming was born. The Cli3nt left the Puget Sound and moved to Boise, Idaho, in 1996.

The Cli3nt openly talks about his struggles with video game abuse, which began in his early 20s. He first began abusing games shortly after his friend n1njr introduced him to Quake, and was soon addicted. In 1999, The Cli3nt was arrested at QuakeCon in Dallas, Texas, for screaming, “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!” while attempting to kiss John Carmack’s feet. His probation sentence included video game addiction counseling and a restraining order to stay 1,500 miles away from Carmack. In early 2000, after he crashed the wedding of Carmack and Katherine Kang, a warrant was issued for his arrest. On February 1, 2001, he surrendered himself at a Dallas court and pleaded guilty to probation violation charges. He was ordered to enter a six-month rehab program and was allowed to return to Boise. He was told if he violated probation again, he could face up to five years in prison.

In May 2012, The Cli3nt was found passed out in front of his computer with a mouse cord wrapped around his arm and over 100 flash drives scattered around his body. After sobering up and to help him maintain his sobriety, Khaotic Rage invited The Cli3nt to move in with him and iKacte. Khaotic Rage happily reports The Cli3nt as being sober, and he harbors no urges to attend LAN parties or stalk Carmack.

The Cli3nt blogs here on TheCli3nt.com & Hackronomicon.com, posts on Twitter, is active in the hemophilia community and also occasionally posts reviews to GamersRevenge. The Cli3nt currently makes his home in Forest Grove, Oregon, and Kuna, Idaho.

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